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Monday, June 28, 2010

Contest Menang Canon EOS 500 DSLR Camera!!!

Salam sume. Macam biase, selepas bangun tdo aku g mndi pas2 solat. Sebab aku bgun time orang tengah azan Zohor. 2,3 mggu ni aku slalu bangun lambat sebab aku xberapa sihat. Demam and selsema WORLD CUP. hehe. Lepas siap sume 2, aku pun trus la online. Bukak NUFFNANG cek earning and trafik. Pas2 bukak FANTASY WORLD CUP check point player2 aku. Pas2 bukak FACEBOOK men game and bace gosip2 and info terbaru and terjumpe dengan contest yang best yang dikongsi oleh member aku.

Contest ini sangat mudah. Contest ini dipanggil Contest Snap, Share & Win. Apa yang anda perlu wat ialah, mengambil gambar dan share gambar anda tersebut. Mudah bukan??

Step 1: Take any photo of your choice in JPG format:

  • Landscape form:540 pixels wide by 410 pixels high.
  • Portrait form: 410 pixels wide by 540 pixels high.
  • Photo Size: Not larger than 1 MB

Step 2: Upload your photo by filling up your information and tell us which Camera Models you used in the form provided at

Step 3: Your photo will be uploaded to the system immediately and displayed on the photo gallery.

Select your photo, and send the photo to your friends and family by inserting their name and email address.

Repeat the same steps to send your photo to as many recipients as you can.

How to Become The Winner?

Step 1: The email recipients received the emails containing your photo.

They will click on "I Like This" link / photo, our system will track this as "1" valid count.

Step 2: The total "People Like This" will display on your photo gallery page.

The photo with the most "Like" count will be qualified to win the prizes!

*** Useful Winning Tips:

  1. Capture a nicer & interesting photo image with an appealing image title, so this will encourage more users to select your photo to send to their friends.
  2. Upload as many photos entry as you can to increase the chances to win!
  3. Inform your friends about your photo entry and provide them the link to your photo entry.

Some social media channel might such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendster will be great channel to help you to spread out your photo contest info!

So, jom kita membantu antara 1 same laen. Lagi banyak email dapat dikumpul, lg besar peluang untuk korang menang. So aku nk mntk jasa baek, korang tinggal email korang kt ruang koemn kt bawah. Name pnuh nnt aku boleh wat je pape. Sila lihat inbox anda email daripada 701. Jika tiada, lihat di SPAM. Same2 kita membantu antara satu same lain.

Ini lah gambar yang aku taruhkan.

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